I met Julie on the first consultation for a hypnotherapy consultation. Julie made me feel very welcome and relaxed and spent time explaining how it works. I felt interested in what it was about and was looking forward to starting the practical session the following week. Before the relaxation we spoke about how the brain thinks and what it can mean by being negative or positive to situations. During the first trance session I was very comfortable in the recliner with a warm throw. The music was calming and Julie spoke very calmly and I felt very relaxed. I feel these sessions were really beneficial to me as would sometimes think too negative and not see the positives in situations. I find that I will look for something good now instead of letting things get me down too much. I would recommend these sessions as if you want to be more positive and have some lovely relaxing trance sessions Julie is very warm and friendly and it’s easy to relax.


Being a big Alpha type Male, admitting to have a phobia of cotton wool is a bit out of the ordinary for someone looking like myself. I have had this phobia since I was a small boy. I visited Julie at her home where there is a extremely comfortable treatment room. Julie put me at ease as I didn’t know what to expect and I was anxious also. No it wasn’t the pendulum pocket watch before my eyes, but a different way of doing things. Julie explained to me in detail how the brain works sub consciously etc. this you find out for yourself and is quite fascinating. I had about 5 sessions with Julie. I always came away stress free and feeling positive. I know I was seeing Julie for my phobia, but the added bonus of my natural surroundings and inner strength going forward to day to day tasks. Well I can honestly say I am currently haven’t an issue with cotton wool now. I had goose bumps just saying those words a month or two ago. My family are absolutely amazing by this news and seeing me hold cotton wool in my hands and to pull it apart. I could not even been able to write this about cotton wool before seeing Julie. Be patient be strong and your not alone in this world with a phobia. I hope it works for yourself as well as it did for me.